Out there in our “regularly scheduled programming” there is a lot of hate, division and politics going on. It can be so easy to become frustrated, confused or fearful. We can get lost in thoughts of “what can I possibly do?” when the bigger picture seems to large to address.

We invite you to make this task smaller. To search within for more inner peace so that it might radiate out of you. If we all take a little time to find more inner calm we can begin to make small circles of calm that start to grow and blossom into bigger circles….

We believe that there is one universal truth we can all find in common.

“We all seek happiness”

If we can focus on that one universal truth and less on our differences we can find ways to bond together not out of hate but out of love. If we greet hatred with love we can lessen the effect of hate. We can chose to follow the footsteps of great leaders before us, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Ghnadi, Jesus, Buddha… all great leaders that taught us to lead with love first. Even the Beatles!

“All we need is love”

We invite you to leave all politics and division at the door and join our community. Help us foster inner peace so that we might radiate it out. Let us join together to become a beacon of light in a dark world of fear.