The Kosha – Layers of Self

Physical – Energetic – Mental – Intuitive – Spiritual/Connection/Bliss

The Koshas:

Annamaya Kosha – Physical:

The body/food layer. Anna means food. We begin at the outermost layer, the physical body. We are most familiar with the annamaya kosha as we experience the physical practice of yoga in our bodies. At Bee Happy Wellness we provide many different forms of physical movement to help us explore our physical bodies. We also provide bodywork therapies such as massage and myofascial release treatment to help relax tension in the physical body and address areas of pain/physical trauma.

Pranamaya Kosha – Energetic:

The vital energy layer. Prana means energy. This is the vital force that is the driving force behind the physical aspect of the sense and operation of the physical body. This layer allows our true self to be animate in the external world. It is essential for a healthy life that this layer be trained, regulated and directed so that it flows smoothly. At Bee Happy Wellness we provide meditation and breath work classes and workshops designed to help people find the tools to quiet the mind and assess imbalances in this layer.

Manomaya Kosha – Mental:

The mental layer. This is the layer of processing thoughts and emotions. It is in direct control of the operation, through the prana (energy), of the physical body and senses. This layer is like the supervisor in the factory, in that it gives instructions, but it is not designed to be the manager of the factory of life. This layer naturally has doubts and created illusions. When it receives clear instructions from the deeper level of the self it functions well, however, when it is cloudy with illusions the deeper wisdom is confused. At Bee Happy Wellness we provide classes and workshops to help people access this layer and replace thought agitating habits with thought quieting habits.

Vijnamaya Kosha – Intellect/Intuition:

Knowledge/Intellect layer. Vijna means knowing. This is the layer of wisdom. The layer that discriminates between useful and not useful. It is also the layer of ego, consciousness, meaning the powerful wave of the self. This is a positive influence, but when it gets clouded with memories it can lose it’s positive strength. At Bee Happy Wellness we teach the tools to help access this layer and become a witness of one’s thoughts to be less overwhelmed by them.

Anandamaya Kosha – Bliss/Spirituality/Connection:

The bliss layer. Ananda means bliss. Ananda is the peace, joy and love that is underneath all of the other layers independent of any reason or stimulus. This is often referred to as our truest version of our self, our natural state of being. To reach bliss we must surrender completely. At Bee Happy Wellness we provide a nurturing and safe environment and sense of community. Our goal is that through community and support you may better find connection to this layer.


“The cause of that avoidable pain is the illusory union of the Seer with the seen, so that one does not possess discriminate knowledge of the True Self” – Yoga Sutra II,17

I see my body is in pain. I am more than the pain.

At Bee You Yoga & Wellness we believe in helping you find balance in each of these layers of yourself. We aim to ease pain and suffering by helping you find balance in each of your layers so you can be connected to your True Self.

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