Donation Based Yoga and Meditation Classes for Everyone

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Bee You Yoga and Wellness has teamed with it’s sister company Bee Happy Wellness, a 501c3 not for profit, to offer donation based yoga and meditation classes. All yoga classes at this location will be donation based, you pay what you can.

Suggested donation is $10 for a class. If you can pay more pay it forward! All proceeds for classes go to providing yoga and holistic health services to people in need.

What does “donation based” mean?

Pay what you can! If you can pay $10 for a class, wonderful! You will be helping pay for rent and teachers to teach. If you can pay more than $10 for a class you will be helping pay rent and teachers and perhaps paying it forward to someone who cannot afford $10. If you cannot afford $10, we understand, all yogis are welcome no matter what their financial status is. We just ask that you make an honest donation.

Why donation based yoga?

We believe yoga should be available to everyone. Our mission is to bring yoga, meditation and holistic health services to everyone regardless their financial means.

All donations at Bee You Yoga & Wellness go to running the studio. Our first goal is to break even on our running costs. All additional proceeds go to community events and funding yoga for those in need.

Pay what you can, pay it forward!

Suggested donation for a class is $10.

Hive Memberships

Fully tax deductible! Become a supporting hive member! Hive members pay a monthly or yearly donation, all monthly and yearly members receive a donation receipt yearly for their taxes. Hive members will not be requested to pay a donation before each class. Community is the foundation for a balanced life, let’s build a solid community and improve the world one person at a time.

Suggested Monthly Donation: $60-$100

Suggested Yearly Donation: $500-$1000

All donations are tax deductible. Monthly and annual supporters will receive documentation for tax purposes.

A little more about why we are donation based >>