There are no guru’s, queen bees or otherwise superior beings at Bee You Yoga and Wellness. We are a gathering of people looking to share and learn from one another no matter where you are in life’s journey.

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Family Man

I classify myself as “an accidental yogi”. Any long term relationship has its ups and downs and in a particularly challenging part of my 20+ year marriage I started yoga simply as an activity to do with my wife; as something for us to do together and reconnect. Very quickly however I found deep personal meaning in my practice. I believe for many, yoga is “the new fitness craze” much akin to the aerobics fad that hit the 80s. I note that without judgement. Yoga is one of those things that is big enough to be many things for many people. For me yoga is much more than flexibility, strength conditioning and pretty poses. For me it is a way to look inside. To slow down and connect with myself. It is a way for me to “press pause” in the crazy and stressful life in which so many of us find ourselves. Yoga also quickly became a way for me to rekindle my meditation practice.

I began meditating as a child in the late 70s and early 80s. My parents were hippies, and it was “just something we did”. I attribute much of my academic and professional success to my early exposure to meditation. But for much of my life meditation was little more than a parlor trick. If I had a difficult academic or professional assignment I was able to find focus and strength to complete it through meditation. If I had a particularly stressful task to undertake, like an important speaking engagement or business meeting, I would go to my breath practice to center and calm myself to get through. Meditation was something that I only went to when I thought I needed it however. Turns out I really needed it all the time!

I am most grateful for the fact that through yoga I have come back to a regular meditation practice. Much research has been done to suggest that regular meditation is one of the best tools which can be employed for long term happiness. I know this to be true with myself. Our lives are so busy now, so over subscribed, it is all too easy to get caught up in the stress or distraction of daily living. Through mediation I find a way to “pause my inner dialogue”. Through practice, more and more I am able to step back and observe my thoughts, feelings, and emotions rather than be ruled by them. More and more I can acknowledge that “I am not this thought” “I am not this body” “I am not this feeling”. I can observe rather than react. Through practice I am able to connect more and more with my true self, a quiet watcher behind it all. Another passenger on this journey of life. For me this is a life long study, a life long journey. One of progress, not perfection.

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Crazy Dog Lady
I grew up in New Zealand, the emerald paradise at the bottom of the planet. At 9 years old I had a school teacher that was wise enough to know that teaching hyper 9-year old’s yoga and meditation made her job easier. Since then I have tried every version of yoga I come across and loved them all for their differences. I have learned from so many beautiful people and love to pass on their combined wisdom. I have a full crazy life with 3 teenagers and 4 dogs (Yes, I am the crazy dog lady). I love photography, travel, SHOES, drones, throwing knives, hiking, dancing, music and most of all making people smile. I am also trained in Myofascial Release Technique and reiki and I am a yoga therapist. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey with you. “The journey is the destination!” Let go and believe! Bee happy!

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Accalia has been flipping around and exploring gymnastics and body movement from the moment she opened her eyes and took her first breath. Accalia is excited to help people find their own path to expression and health. Accalia loves sharing reiki and learning about new forms of healing and spirituality. Accalia is mother of wolves and can often be found snuggled with her Husky (or any other dog she stumbles on).

Accalia is the youngest Certified BUTI yoga instructor and is Kidding Around Kids Yoga certified.

“At the end of every storm there is a Rainbow!”