Judgment Free Zone

Bee You Yoga and Wellness Center - Yoga, myofascial release treatment, massage, mindfullness, meditation, halotherapy, salt room, salt room yoga, halotherapy yoga, salt therapy, reiki, Aerial yoga, Juice bar, coffeeIt is important to remember that like so many things this information is based on information first studied many centuries ago. Since then it has undergone many translations. You may find one translation that works precisely for you and your unique personality and it may be very different from what someone else finds beneficial. Try to refrain from judging one another or enforcing “your truth” on others. We need to practice more love and compassion and spend less time judging what confuses or is different. There is a different fit for every person. Just as we all have different taste in shoes we can all have different taste in yoga. Fortunately there are so many options to choose from! There is no such thing as universal acceptance and if there was the world would be boring! Welcome peace and empathy into your life over judgement and fear! Namaste peeps! Bee Happy!!!
– The Bee You Yoga and Wellness Hive