I am very exhausted from the BUTI certification so forgive me if I ramble.

Last night I had a pure moment of bliss. My basement was filled with the sounds of both of my sons joking and playing ping pong, together, as in they could almost seem like they liked each other. My daughter was happy snuggled up with her wolf, having faced her fears and achieved something amazing she was peace and smiles. I was brought to tears by this moment and sat in gratitude for a long time. I know I cannot hold on to this moment and that life will not always be like this but this moment was true bliss for me.
I only post the good/interesting stuff online, as most of us do. My online life is perfect. Out of respect of the privacy of those involved I do not share details but life is often extremely complicated for us. We don’t post those struggles but they are there, they are raw and it can be so very hard. I don’t always say and do the “right thing” for myself or my family. I mess it all up a lot.
It has taken a long time for me to stop beating myself up about all this. To be able to ride the waves of ups and downs that will always be my life without “loosing my shit”.
I am so grateful for the ability to find these moments of quiet bliss and appreciate them.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate our online lives. The prettiest, glossiest versions of ourselves. Then let’s take a moment to accept the messy versions of ourselves. Most importantly, let’s remember to not compare our dirty laundry piles and fighting children to anyone else’s online selves.

BEE Authentic
BEE Sincere
You are whole and complete, exactly as you are, right now!