January 2020 Standardized Test Prep month.

Bee Prepared

Learn meditation tools to reduce anxiety & improve focus.
Studies have shown that meditation not only reduces test anxiety but also improves focus and learning. We use simple, easy to integrate into your daily life meditation techniques.

Bee Grounded

Learn techniques for staying grounded under pressure
With meditation for test anxiety, you will have an opportunity to change the way you perceive an exam. Using imagery, visualizations and affirmations, you can dissolve the threads of apprehension and concern.

Bee Your Best!

Practice meditation for peak test performance.
Meditation is like a workout for the brain. Just as going to the gym, you cannot expect the results you are looking for after 1 session. The more you practice, the better your results will be. Practice now so that grounding under pressure will be easier!

These classes are designed for high school and college students however can be beneficial to anyone struggling with pressures at work or in their daily life. Join us to learn how to Bee Your BEST You!

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