This is Faolon, her recent experience got me thinking about chasing in our own lives. A little background, Faolon has been chasing a critter for weeks. The critter kept hiding under the shed. Eventually Faolon became so intent on chasing this critter she forgot to be mindful of her current situation…. She dug after the critter & got herself lodged under the shed. It involved a scary rescue operation of a very scared & trapped dog. What did she do right after? Went right back to chasing! We had to block access to behind the shed to stop her she was so intent on chasing this critter!
We can relate to her story. So much of our lives are spent chasing. Chasing the next pay check. Chasing the next phase of our lives. Chasing a better tomorrow. Just like Faolon we can get so lost in the chase we forget to take in the present moment. What are you chasing? Can you find time in your day just to be with the present moment? Take in your surroundings & just bee?

May we know love, light & connection.