A full-body workout combining strength training, cardio and mindfulness that will leave you feeling balanced in body and empowered from within.

The Basics of BARRE

Bee You Yoga and Wellness - Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Yoga for anxiety, Yoga for depression, Yoga for recovery, y12sr, donation based yoga & meditation for everyone, kids yoga, BARREBarre is for everyone. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise. Instead, we empower each individual to modify postures and develop body awareness for lasting results.*

Our signature approach to teaching gives clients a rewarding endorphin high and a deep muscle burn—without pain in areas of the body prone to injury.


Why BARRE Works

Barre delivers a full body workout using only low-impact movements. With our team of experts—doctors, physical therapists, and anatomy specialists—we developed our signature 3-step sequence to produce a strong and balanced body.


  • STEP 1 | HOLD Align the body, build mind-body connection, and engage your muscles.
  • STEP 2 | MOVE SMALL Work deep in the muscle without compromising your form to push through plateaus, and build strength.
  • STEP 3 | MOVE BIG Build functional strength for everyday activities, tone your muscles, and energize your entire body.

Isometric Hold


We begin each posture with a hold to ensure alignment is correct and muscles are firing before we move. Holding strengthens muscles continuously – an efficient way to change the body.

Holding works muscles to the point of fatigue more quickly than running or other high-impact activities with less impact on the joints. Holding tones both large and small stabilizer muscles, and increases strength and endurance.

During a hold you connect with your breath, allowing you to move mindfully, work deeper, and challenge yourself.

Small Range Movements


Now that we have your muscles’ attention, we layer on small one-inch movements to transform the body one inch at a time. Small movements allow you to stay in the posture longer, working your muscles to the point of fatigue and recruiting your core muscles to stabilize the body. You may even experience barre “shakes and quakes,” a sign that muscles are becoming stronger.

Moving small targets focus areas, heats the body, and builds overall strength.

Large Dynamic Movements


Now we transition into large-range movements to flush out the body and elevate your heart rate. Moving big brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, allowing you to work longer and burn more calories.

Dynamic movements mimic how we move in our daily lives, creating “functional strength.” By working the whole length of the muscle, you create a limber physique.

Moving big gets the heart rate up, builds body balance, feels great, and leaves you with more energy for the other 23 hours of your day.

Benefits of BARRE

Barre benefits both mind and body.

Bee You Yoga and Wellness - Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Yoga for anxiety, Yoga for depression, Yoga for recovery, y12sr, donation based yoga & meditation for everyone, kids yoga, BARRELife takes us out of balance. Sitting, driving, spending hours typing on a keyboard—all of this creates an imbalance in the body, giving us slumped shoulders, a rounded spine, and a lopsided stance. When our body is shaped this way it can’t function properly, and everything we do—including exercise—exacerbates the problem.

That’s why finding balance is at the core of everything we do at barre. It starts with our workouts: Every barre class works strategically to build strength and flexibility for optimal body balance and improved posture. Your barre practice will give you proportion in the body that is shapely and attractive.*But body balance is more than losing weight and building muscle tone. When we stand tall with ease, a positive chain of benefits happens beyond what we see in the mirror. With body balance comes improved digestion, increased energy, minimized risk of injury, a clear mind, and a healthier and happier way of life.


Body Benefits

Our transformative workouts build toned muscles, increase your metabolism, and help you lose weight. You’ll find balance in your body, which will lead to better posture, healthier digestion, and a physique that serves you rather than holds you back. You’ll be stronger, stand taller, and feel better all day long.

Whatever you like to do—biking, yoga, hiking, running—barre will help you do it better.

Mind Benefits

Feeling better in your body means more than a smaller waist or stronger arms. Barre energizes you and leaves you feeling confident and less stressed. Our workouts create a halo effect; you’ll leave class empowered to make healthier choices throughout the day.

Physical benefits reap emotional and mental rewards. Put simply: you’ll feel good.

Bee You Yoga and Wellness - Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Yoga for anxiety, Yoga for depression, Yoga for recovery, y12sr, donation based yoga & meditation for everyone, kids yoga, BARRE

What to Expect

What to wear

Yogalike attire (ie: leggings or long shorts, comfortable top). Make sure you’ll be comfortable in a variety of postures. Our classes are performed barefoot, but grip socks are optional. Props and small towels will be provided at the studio. Bring a water bottle.

When to arrive

Arrive 10 minutes before class starts so we can get you set up.

What to expect

When you arrive, you’ll get a tour of the studio, be able to store your belongings in our secure cubbies, and be introduced to your instructor.

Setting up

Your instructor will get you the right props and get your space set-up for class. If you any have injuries or limitations, please let them know. All our instructors offer modifications so you can work deep without discomfort.