BUTI chair yoga

All the benefits of BUTI yoga with a chair to support your practice.

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Buti Yoga

Deep inside you is the cure you’ve been searching for.
Deep inside you is all you’ve ever needed.
Your Inner Fire ignites your passion, your purpose, your courage. Confidence is created here. Action is taken here.

Taking action creates change, transformation.

If inner/outer transformation is calling you, then a Buti Yoga class can help catapult you there.

Meet me on your mat to strengthen, stretch, release & most importantly, to love & honor yourself .

This is a dynamic practice that fuses vinyasa yoga with deep core engagement, HIIT sprints, tribal dance & primal movements for a COMPLETE workout for mind, body, and soul. It is fun & freeing & set to loud, upbeat music. The Spiral Structure Technique is used to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles.

The word “Buti” is an Indian Maranthi word that means “a cure that’s been hidden or kept secret.” We believe that THAT cure is within you. The outer layers, the false beliefs, the cloudiness just needs to be removed so we can see & feel our true core/cure.

Buti is more than just a workout – it’s a chance to CREATE, LET GO, CONNECT & SWEAT WITH INTENTION.

Buti yoga is a unique practice, known for it’s cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and conditioning. Created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, it’s designed to offer a calorie-scorching, body-sculpting, and dynamic yoga practice.

The word ‘buti’ is a Marathi Indian term for “the cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret.” The movement involved in a Buti class is designed to help everyone develop body confidence. It will help you fall in love with your workout, break through emotional and physical barriers, and transform your body.

Buti yoga is a physically-demanding sweat session. Yet, it’s approachable for all-levels. Just as in our regular yoga classes, you’ll begin where you are and grow at your own pace.

In a Buti class, you can expect explosive movements, a quick pace, killer ab sequences, and lots of upbeat music – there’s nothing dainty about this practice! However, it will allow you to kick all that repetitive weight lifting, sit-ups, and elliptical work to the curb. The infectious group energy, filled with hoots, hollers, and lots of movement, will carry you through the experience.

How is Buti Unique?

In Bizzie Gold’s creation, the signature strengthening approach is called Spiral Structure Technique (SST). The major movements you’ll do in Buti are designed to activate all of the abdominal muscle groups. While most crunches and ab exercises only target the front part of the core, the reality is our abdomen is cylindrical. This method will build lean, strong muscles.

The movement involved in Buti yoga focuses on removing obstacles to our first and second chakras. The power that originates in these chakras often gets muted, resulting in tight hips and closed minds. Buti yoga follows the lead of many cultures – such as Native American and African tribes, that have dance rituals using hip and pelvic spiraling. So in Buti, you’ll sweat with intention, seeking both physical and emotional benefits.

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