RPM Balanced Flow with Karen


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RPM- is exactly what it sounds like, referencing the speed at which the vinyl record you’re listening to is supposed to rotate on the turntable you’re using. In an old fashioned turn table there was a needle that when touched to a spinning record played music. If the needle pushed too hard the record would not play, too light and the needle would skip over the grooves and scratch the record. Balanced flow will not only be a flow for finding balance between effort and ease, flexibility and strength but also exploring other helpful tools that you might find useful in creating a balanced life. This will be a playful class with many tools offered in addition to physical poses – meditation, singing bowls, chakra, philosophy, reiki, essential oils,… the possibilities are endless. Learn to flow to the beat of your own drum with Karen.


Karen is an eternal student, she is on a mission to learn as much as possible so she can be the best guide she can possibly be. Karen specializes in yoga for all shapes, sizes and abilities. Karen brings a lot heart to her classes, she truly lives the yogic path and it shines in her smile. Taking Karen’s class is a lot like chilling with an old friend, between the giggles and silliness you might even forget you are doing yoga!

Learn that yoga is not at all about flexibility of the physical body. Create balance, mobility, strength and mental clarity.

This class is suitable for all levels, adjustments will be cued for beginners. All yogis and future yogis welcome! Don’t worry about if you are flexible, if you have a body you can do yoga!

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