Seated Bees Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is accessible yoga for everyone. Learn how a chair can help you get a deeper understanding of alignment and the gentle movement can bring you deeply into your body and present moment awareness. Suitable for all levels.

Whether you want to relieve stress, improve your physical fitness and flexibility or simply try a new kind of exercise, try something old with a modern twist. Yoga.

You don’t have to assume Twister-like positions to feel the benefits of yoga. Chair yoga is beneficial to everyone, whether you’re an office worker with back problems; if you are struggling with balance, arthritis or your weight; or if you are recovering from illness or surgery. The chair makes it easier to balance and practice some poses that might not be possible on the mat. Chair yoga puts focus on  poses, breathing, relaxation and meditation to achieve unity.

Chair yoga’s many surprising benefits include reduced pain, improved breathing and better balance. Yoga students quickly realize the benefits.

Best of all, chair yoga is not just for a limited age group or population.  The techniques you learn in class can benefit you if you are traveling, working in an office or even spending time on a long car ride. People can still obtain the benefits of a traditional yoga practice, which includes flexibility, peace of mind and balance.