Yoga for Anxiety

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Do you suffer from anxiety? Whether it’s your everyday stress, an anxiety disorder, or comes in the form of panic attacks, the holistic approach of yoga can help. This class is also for anyone looking for techniques to help with everyday stresses. On the yoga mat we can feel all warm and fuzzy, then in the outside world – life happens. This class will focus on skills for on and off the mat.

How Yoga Can Help with Stress & Anxiety

Yoga can give you tools to manage stress, learn helpful breathing techniques, release tension in the physical body, and make room for mindful self-reflection. Yoga also can provide a sense of community, coming together to learn tools for improving our lives.

Yoga gives you time to unplug

We live in a time of constant high tech bombardment of the senses. Over-stimulation causes anxiety, particularly over-stimulation when it comes in the form of consistent negativity. Watching the evening news, tuning in to the political debates, and even scrolling your Facebook feed can expose you to a fair amount of unfavorable emotions.

Yoga allows you uninterrupted, quiet time, it also provides you with tools on how to truly enjoy the quiet. Yoga and meditation, above all else, teaches you to see and to appreciate stillness. Peace with yourself.

Yoga teaches you breathing techniques

Our breath greatly affects how our body responds to stress. Learning breathing techniques in yoga is another tool that we can take off the mat and into our lives.

Safe Space

Though it is impossible for someone else to create safe space for another person at Bee You we strive to make our practice space a nurturing place for self reflection. We set the class up to minimize stress and give many options throughout class for you to adjust for your own comfort. The yoga teacher does not move about through class. You will not be “singled out” in class and there is a no touch policy for adjustments. At the end of class there is an option for a short essential oil massage that you can discretely opt out of should you prefer not to be touched. There are props, yoga mats and anything you may need ready for your use. All you need to do is show up with comfortable clothing to move in.