Bee You Yoga and Wellness - Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Yoga for anxiety, Yoga for depression, Yoga for recovery, y12sr, donation based yoga & meditation for everyone, kids yoga, BARREWhen I was 9 years old, I had a school teacher that figured out teaching her kids yoga and meditation made her job easier. I am grateful beyond words for this gift! Just after this I experienced my first of many significant trauma’s and when nothing else worked to get me through, I found hiding in nature and practicing the meditation and breathing I was taught became my therapy. Yoga became my therapy. My mat became my safe space, my sacred place. The place where I could come to switch off everything else and just be ok for a moment.

My life has been a roller-coaster of highs and lows. If I were to write my story down it would be hard to believe it all happened to one person. Yoga has kept me grounded during the highs and kept me going during the lows. I have tried every kind of yoga I can find and loved them all for their differences, I love sharing the collective wisdom of all my teachers with people.

On reflecting over my crazy life, I decided I had learned some pretty good tricks for coping with some intense baggage. I decided it was time to see if I could start helping other people figure out some tools that might help them through their journey. It took me over 10 years to get brave enough to take this step. Once I started trying to put this plan into action, I noticed many things, most importantly that yoga was expensive and could seem to the newbie somewhat exclusive. This was not what yoga had been to me and I set about figuring out how I could make it the safe, healing experience I had.

Often when we need yoga the most, we find ourselves financially challenged. My goal is to keep yoga and meditation donation based so that it can be financially accessible to everyone. My training in yoga therapy has helped me learn how to modify my teachings to be beginner friendly and anatomy safe. My trauma sensitive training helped me learn techniques for creating safer space. My aerial yoga training taught me another fun way to access some of the benefits of yoga in a playful way. With massage therapy and myofascial release therapy training I added more tools for deep relaxation and releasing trauma stuck in our physical bodies. With reiki I added energy healing and started combining these ingredients to create recipes for clients to find their unique path to optimal well-being. I continue to learn and add tools. There are so many inspiring people to learn from!

My goal with Bee You Yoga & Wellness is to create a safe nurturing environment free from judgement where people can come to find their path to optimal physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. We do this through the physical practice of yoga; bodywork therapies; breath work and breathing exercises; meditation techniques; and community programs. Regardless of where in their life journey one currently finds themselves, or what challenges one is facing, Bee You Yoga and Wellness will provide a caring environment for growth. At Bee You Yoga and Wellness we believe that optimal wellness is a recipe that is unique to every individual. We help each person find their own recipe for wellness from the many ingredients available.

I write this in first person because that is where it started, with my journey. However, along the way I have gathered many helpers and could not do this without them. I do not see Bee You as mine. It belongs to all of us. Our hive guides and clients. Bee You is a community, a place where we can all come to share knowlege, strength and hope. Together may we rise to our fullest potential. Life need not be a competition, with support and love may we all grow.

Bee You Yoga and Wellness - Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Yoga for anxiety, Yoga for depression, Yoga for recovery, y12sr, donation based yoga & meditation for everyone, kids yoga, massage, Swedish massage, Myofacial Release Therapy. MFR, PSYCH-K