December in the studio will be grounding month to help support you through the chaos of the holiday season.
🐝The studio will be red. Red light therapy is said to reduce inflammation. With all those holiday eats who doesn’t need less inflammation?!
🐝Classes will be candlelight with overhead lights off to increase a warming, grounding sensation.
🐝The scents will be grounding smells reminding you of nature & nurturing.
🐝The root chakra bowl used to immerse you in sound healing.
🐝We’ll be teaching techniques on how to stay grounded, even when things are hectic.
🐝We’ll tuck you into your final resting pose with a warm blanket, props and an optional gentle face massage
Join us to find your grounding. Don’t wait for your new year’s resolution to make time for yourself. Staying grounded is a wonderful holiday gift for your friends & family!