“Plant this tender seedling in the garden of manifold bounties,

water it from the fountains of loving-kindness

may grow into a strong, healthy plant through

Connection, Grace and Community.”

– Adapted from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, A Selection of Bahá’í Prayers and
Holy Writings, page 19.

I am taking this moment to count some blessings. For many years now I have had a dream floating around in my head. I finally got brave enough to plant my little seedling.

This seedling is no longer mine. It sits in an open field of love and compassion. Being watered already by many beautiful souls.

To the souls who have joined me on this journey I send gratitude.

To the souls who have added their hard work in cultivating this garden I send gratitude.

To the souls who have taken time out of their lives just to stop and offer encouragement I send gratitude.

To the souls we have yet to meet our hearts and minds are open and we wait your arrival patiently.


Just like the little seedling may we all grow. With support, encouragement, community may we all rise to our fullest potential, together.

Let go & Believe!