Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage at Bee You Yoga & Wellness

According to Robert Noah Calvert, founder of Massage Magazine, Swedish massage didn’t really originate in Sweden. In Europe, it is generally referred to as classic massage, which was originally organized and described by Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger. Swedish massage consists of a specific set of massage movements: effleurage, or sliding movements; petrissage, or kneading movements; friction, or rubbing; vibration and percussion. It traditionally also includes passive and active joint movements, stretching and bending joints with the assistance of the massage therapist. Swedish massage offshoots include medical massage, manual lymphatic drainage, spa treatments such as aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and body wraps, sports massage, Esalen massage, chair massage, pregnancy massage, massage for infants and children, and geriatric massage.

Swedish massage reduces stress and creates a state of deep relaxation through soothing rhythmic strokes applied with appropriate pressure. The therapist will typically massage the entire body over the course of the session, spending a little time in each area to reduce muscle tension and deepen relaxation. Clients will often feel well rested and calm after each session. This form of bodywork is ideal for anyone looking to relax, improve circulation, and reduce stress.