Snow meditation.

As the snow falls from the sky and blankets the earth. Wrapping it in a deep slumber. The plants sleep, the animals hibernate. So too can we take a moment to find deep rest.

Take time to make yourself very comfortable and supported in a reclined position. Use as many props, blankets as you need to be entirely comfortable. There are no competitions for a perfect pose, no rules to apply. Just take some time to find comfort and support for your physical body.

Once you arrive take a moment to scan your body and take any last wiggles and adjustments you need to release into the position.

Take a few deep breaths filling up your lungs completely and with each exhale releasing further into the support of the ground below you.

Take a moment to be present with yourself, here as you are, right in this moment. No matter what state you are in. You do not have to feel any particular way. You do not have to do anything.

Bring to mind the snowflakes. Watch them in your mind’s eye gently falling to the ground. Admire the beauty of the snow. Imagine each snowflake landing on you and as it does it transfers the tiniest bit of weight to your body. Further drawing you into the support of the ground below. Slowly watch the flakes fall. Connecting with more and more weight making you heavy, pulling your body down to support. Until you feel so heavy you could not lift a limb if you tried.

Once you feel completely supported by the ground below and fully at rest bring your focus to a moment when you felt welcomed. Maybe a puppy greeting you at the door. Connect with this welcoming. Then see yourself, as you responded to this welcoming.

Now, see yourself as you are now and send yourself this same welcoming feeling. As you are. Right now. Wrapped in a warm welcoming feeling.

Take the time to absorb this feeling. All the time you need.

When you are ready slowly return to physical sensations of your body. Feel the ground below you. Slowly bring gentle movement to the fingers and toes.

Rub the palms of the hands together and generate some heat. Brings your hands over your heart space. Connect with the heat in your hands as if a little ball of energy is entering from your hands into your heart. Spreading across your chest, softening muscles. Sealing in this feeling of welcoming.

Take your time to slowly make your way onto your side. Cradle your head in your arm. Touch earth and ground down with the other hand.

Slowly and gently come to a seated position. Bring your hands to prayer in front of your heart and bow to your inner wisdom. Send yourself another message of love, peace and gratitude. Then bow to your higher power/God/The energy of the universe/nature/something outside of yourself to complete your practice.

Namaste peeps! Stay warm and cosy!