Day 2 was very eventful! We went to the tavern with tools and supplies in hand expecting to do a little more carpet pulling. Soooooo flip flops were worn. BIG mistake. I know this seems obvious but we were rushing to get out the door this morning.

Lesson 1: Nails go right through flip flops!

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We made fast progress on the carpet today and got one of the attic rooms completely carpet free.

We decided to expose around the window to see where the water damage is coming from. Gaps located, Probably only silicon needed to repair – yay! Silicon is not as expensive as new windows!

Answer to the ‘what was used for insulation?” question: NOTHING! That was a surprise. Glad we decided to pull the walls off and start over.

Anyone know an affordable electrician looking to help out? We might as well wire the rooms to code now we have the walls open.

“Smashing stuff is great for mental health!”

Second minor injury of the day was ripping off a ceiling panel. After having to apply much effort to get all other panels to budge, there was a cieling panel that was hanging on by what must have been a spiders web. I pulled with some force and the entire heavy panel swung down right on my head. Luckily I wasn’t hurt as Accalia was too busy laughing to have performed any medical assistance!