For many years I planned and researched and wrote and re-wrote plans for a community based wellness center. Mostly I was hunting for a partner. The type of woman who would take my hand and support me, help me rise to the best I can be. I never found that business partner, but what I learned along the way is how difficult it seems to be for woman to hold each other up, support not judge each other and be proud of each other’s achievements simply because it feels good to love someone unconditionally.

I strive to be that person for women in my life. I am not perfect. I fall into the gossip traps, I can be sensitive and mis-read things, I can say EXACTLY the WRONG thing at the WRONG time. However, my love is true, my heart is big. I will do my best to lift you up and hold you up, even when you feel unworthy, broken, or simply too tired to stand up on your own. I will love you until you are strong enough to love yourself COMPLETELY and then I will stand and bask in your glow, proud to be sharing your journey.

Life need not be a competition. There is room for all of us to be the best version of ourselves.

“A flower does not blossom more beautifully because the blossom next to it might outshine it. It blossoms together so that they might attract more bees.”

Rising together we are more powerful. We can spread seeds of love into the darkest corners.

Before judging the path someone is taking try walking along side them for a moment.

Before joining in on the gossip take a moment to open your ears and then your heart. How would you feel if this were your distorted story being whispered behind your back?

Before jumping to a conclusion talk to your soul. Is there a hidden message your emotion is trying to give you? Is there some internal work you need to do?

Most importantly, love yourself completely so that you feel worthy and whole. Those who love themselves do not need to live in competition with others and do not need to tear another down in order to feel superior.

I honor the BEEutiful women of our hive. Truly an amazing group of women doing their best to live in love and light. We are blessed to have you in our lives!!

BEE love. BEE kind. BEE you. xx