Velvety Breathing Technique – Meditation
Take a nice deep breath and as you exhale make yourself a little bit more comfortable… Perhaps you would like to close your eyes now… or maybe you would like to close your eyes in a few moments… when it just feels right for you.
You can just listen now… to the sound of my voice… and you may be aware of those other sounds around you as well… perhaps the sounds outside of the room… the sound of the music… Just allow all of these sounds to begin to relax you deeper and deeper. All of these sounds will help to relax you because the only sound you care to think about now becomes the sound of my voice. As you allow my words to float in and out of your awareness, let the music gently float in and out of your awareness.
Let the tension begin to melt from your body… your body becoming just as relaxed as you can possibly imagine it could ever be.

As you notice how relaxed your body has already become… are relaxing even more…be aware of your body for a moment… aware of the way your hands feel as they rest on the chair. Notice the weight of your head on the back of the chair… and you may notice that your neck and your shoulders have already begun to melt… and release all tension and tightness.
Now notice your breathing… And let your breathing become velvety soft. So soft, that every breath you breathe is natural and easily floats in and then out of your lungs… and every time you exhale… you relax into my voice… breathing so evenly and so steadily… that you wouldn’t even disturb a feather. You notice yourself breathing so easily and so slowly and gently, that your breath is effortless… and soft as velvet. And as you breathe you may notice that this velvety soft breath begins to surround you like a velvety blanket. Every time you exhale you feel the wonderful sensation of the velvet softness of your breath floating out around your body. There may be a color, or a feeling to it… as it surrounds you it wraps you in the most comfortable feeling… so soft and so perfect… that you simply sink… surrender… and relax into that warm soft blanket… and every time you breathe… every time you exhale… you breath out more of that velvety softness… that surrounds your body gently and peacefully.

Your heartbeat begins to slow down just a little bit to a nice relaxed resting heartbeat. Now feel your entire body slowing down… because you know that there’s absolutely nothing for you to do except relax. Nobody wants anything from you… nobody expects anything of you… and you know that now you can allow your whole body to continue to relax… and become soft, loose and limp… and gently wrapped in that velvety blanket. Any time that you would like to relax deeper and allow your body and your mind to go into a deeper state of trance, you take a nice easy breath … (inhale) and as you exhale … (exhale) …. You go even deeper inside… to that perfect place… just as deeply and comfortably into that perfect place… where you are relaxed… receptive… ready to learn… ready to explore and discover more of who you are.

There is a part of your mind that hears my voice… a part of your mind that has all the wisdom, the knowledge and the resources to make these changes you desire. This part of your mind already knows how to help you… you don’t even have to try, you don’t have to figure it out… since this part of your mind hears my voice now and knows exactly what to do.

There is something that you’ll notice as you listen to my voice and allow my voice to guide you. Notice the curiosity about what’s possible and what you can create and wonder what it would be like if you truly had the freedom to create whatever you want and then just take another breathe (INHALE) … (EXHALE) …exhale and sink even deeper. Good.
Let your eyelids become twice as heavy and twice as relaxed… and let that velvety blanket wrap you up gently and softly.