Happiness is not something you can simply achieve. You can’t go to an ashram and magically wake up enlightened with the key to happiness. It is not something you can take a pill for. I take a pill all my problems go away, I am happy now. No. It is not something that you can find in other people. 


Happiness is an emotion just like sadness and frustration. Like these other emotions you can control it. You can not control a situation however you can control your reaction to said situation. Happiness is an emotional reaction you can choose to have to a given situation. Your happiness can not come from someone else. If you truly want to be happy you must change your mindset. You must be aware of your negative thoughts and practice changing them. 


So every day instead of dwelling on the negative things in your life. Notice the small things that make you happy. Like a beautiful sunrise or a happy dog greeting you in the morning. It could be a birds song on your way to work or knowing that a loved one is safe. Start noticing the small things and soon it will become easier for you to find happiness in even the worst days. 


So many people get stuck on the bad things in their lives. One bad thing happens and they focus on it for the rest of their day. They let something that will eventually pass ruin an entire day. Most things in life will pass with time. Instead of focusing on the worst part of your day try focusing on the best part. Instead of thinking of what you didn’t get focus on what you do have. Our brains automatically find the bad things. If we practice thinking of the good things instead of the bad we can become a happier person as a whole. 


People focus so much on finding happiness that they often forget that it is an emotion. Just like sadness and frustration you must find a healthy way to deal with it. Emotions are good they make us human instead of trying to get rid of the bad emotions experience them. Find out why you really feel this way then find a way to make yourself feel better. And throughout your day always find little things that make you happy. 


Turns out. Yes. The key to happiness is inside you. However it is not a simple key. It is not one the fits perfectly into the lock and easily opens the door. It is a bent misshapen key for a lock clogged with dirt and dust, on a door jammed shut with rusty hinges. However slowly you can work on reshaping the key, cleaning the lock, and fixing the door. Or find a window to climb through. 

In love & light


14 year old certified BUTI & Kidding Around Kids Yoga Teacher