Aerial Yoga

Coming soon to Bee Happy Wellness Aerial yoga and restorative aerial yoga classes.

What is aerial yoga? Aerial yoga is not a circus performance. It is taking the practice of yoga, with all the trimmings, mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation and adding a soft silky hammock to the mix. By adding the hammock we can play with resting into the support of the silk and letting go or using the silk to build our core muscles. Experiment with how reducing the effect of gravity on your body can totally transform the yoga experience. Our aerial classes are beginner friendly and adaptable to where you are at in your body.

Hanging upside down can greatly reduce stress of the spine and provide traction. It also improves proprioception – your ability to have awareness of where your body is in space. Working in the hammock builds muscle strength while greatly reducing stress on your joints. Come try it out. The savasana in the hammock is amazing!