New to Yoga

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What do I need to know?

WELCOME!  Everyone was new at some point! Please celebrate this moment, you only get to be a beginner once. We will welcome you and gently guide you. We will meet you where you are at.

We provide a many differing styles of trauma-aware, and pay-what-you-can yoga classes open to humans (let’s be honest if you are an alien of some sort we’ll welcome you also!) of all genders, races, sexual orientations, abilities, belief systems, and income levels. We believe that yoga belongs to EVERYONE. 

We believe that yoga can transform your life from the inside out and passionately share our knowledge committing to learn and grow right beside you. Together may we all become healthier, stronger and more balanced beings.

I’m not flexible

Saying that you are not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath. If you have a body, there is a type of yoga that you can do. With a little exploration you can find it. There is a common misconception that yoga is about bending like a pretzel. When you do yoga you become more and more flexible however the purpose of yoga is not to look like an Instagram picture. Yoga is about coming to present moment awareness and tuning into your own self (physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual self). The yoga poses are just one of the ways we explore what is going on in our bodies. At Bee You Yoga & Wellness there is no “touch your toes in this precise way” goal. Some traditions have given the impression that yoga is an exact physical discipline but this is not how we teach. Every person’s anatomy is different and everyone doing exactly the same thing in a precise way does not make anatomical sense. You can set little physical goals for yourself but yoga is about so much more than just being physically flexible or strong, these are like the bonus points to a regular practice. When we practice often we become less “stuck”, mentally, physically and emotionally.

What if I have a physical limitation or injury?

Please inform us of any injury or physical limitation you have so we can help you chose the class that fits best for your needs. Do not be afraid to ask for a chair in any class. We have the chairs to make all of our classes more accessible.

What do I need to bring?

At Bee You Yoga & Wellness we try to eliminate as many of the excuses preventing you to getting started as possible. We have all the supplies you need for class here. We have yoga mats at the studio but you are welcome to bring your own. Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. We have changing rooms and showers with toiletries, towels and supplies free to use.

I don’t understand the class descriptions

Bee You Yoga & Wellness is a hive of imperfect yogis, we are not expert copywriters. If you are finding anything confusing give us a call, we are happy to try and explain. Too shy to call? You can text or email us.

I can’t sit still. I can’t clear my mind. I can’t do meditation

At Bee You Yoga & Wellness we have designed meditation classes accessible to any level of practitioner. First we focus on comfort. We believe that taking out physical discomfort creates a more positive meditation experience. Most of our meditation classes are taught while lying down with props for comfort.

The process of meditation is not about emptying the mind. Our brains are a constantly firing network, the process is not to shut that down but to observe what happens here. The practice of coming back to focus despite getting distracted is the practice of meditation. Even with many years practice it is common for a mind to be easily distracted!

We try many different techniques to increase chances of you finding a style that works well for you. Learn how to quiet the buzzing in your mind!

What does donation based mean?

Bee You Yoga and Wellness Center - Yoga, myofascial release treatment, massage, mindfullness, meditation, halotherapy, salt room, salt room yoga, halotherapy yoga, salt therapy, reiki, Aerial yoga, Juice bar, coffeePay what you can. It really is that simple.

At Bee You Yoga & Wellness we are a not for profit yoga studio that believes in making yoga and holistic health services available to everyone no matter what their financial status is. People who can pay more for a class can pay more knowing that they are helping people less fortunate receive yoga and holistic health services. Read more >>

Yoga is for everyone!